The Association Gubbio Ricama speaks

AssociationsName and address
Name: Gubbio Ricama
Address: Strada San Rocco 25, 06024 Gubbio (PG)
Phone: tel +39 075 9275204
+39 333 1733368

Which techniques are you focused on?
We use all counted thread techniques: punto antico, Perugia work, hardanger, Sicilian withdrawn element work, Caterina de’ Medici, Florentine stitch.

When and how was the Association born?
The Association was born in 2004 thanks to Anna and Rossella’s passion for counted thread work and their friends’ wish to learn these techniques.

How many members do you have now?
At the beginning we were about ten, but we have grown and now we are fifty.

What is your mission?
We aim to keep alive the interest for this ancient and fine art, bringing it up to date and make it accessible for whom are not experts. In this way we attracted new generations too. We are also happy to have created an opportunity to socialize, collaborate and support among people with different ages and interests. We discovered that embroidering together with other people is great to improve one own patience and self-esteem, besides than passing difficult moments and loneliness.
We also create and publish modern designs and drawings.

Do you give classes and workshops?
We give different kind of classes between September and April.

Una classe al lavoro

Who are your students?
Girls and ladies of every age, keen to know these ancient techniques and employ them on traditional and modern works.

How is your relationship with the local context?
In the past our town had pretty important embroidery schools: we look for ancient works made back there and show them to people. We also take part in local events and every two years we organize our own exhibition.

Are you working on new projects for the next few months?
Every year we start working on new projects: tablecloths, curtains, runners, small presents, lamps and so on. We also take part in national exhibitions and fairs.
Now we’d like to organize an exhibition about modern and ancient tablecloths.

How can we follow you?
You can follow us on our Facebook page Gubbio Ricama
We also have a website:

These are our publications:

Can we see some pictures of your works?