About us

[cml_media_alt id='1736']logo-nuovas1-chisiamo[/cml_media_alt]Nuova S1 is a publishing house based in Bologna, Italy. It was started in 2004 evolving from S1 Informatica, management software society, started in 1989. Nuova S1 finds its identity in the union of its technical calling and its enthusiasm for literature and history. The whole catalogue is focused on traditions and on connections between the past and present.

We publish different series: from poetry to crafts, from theatre to archaeology, from technical manuals to comics. All these branches are part of the same course of knowledge of the complexity of past and contemporary cultural production. At the same time, Nuova S1 is constantly oriented toward the future. We aim to follow this path, discovering new voices and new ways of expression. Faithful to our origins, we also deal with digital publishing and multimedia productions. Nuova S1 has many interests, all attributable to the same idea: allow readers to discover new points of view and original perspectives on the surrounding world.

«Reading, as I intend it, means thinking deeply».
Vittorio Alfieri, Del principe e delle lettere