Notore – Paglierani, Sewn Boxes


Cristina Notore, Paola Paglierani
Sewn Boxes
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Dimensions: cm 21 x 29,7 pp 64

Italian and English text

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Sewn Boxes

A manual for making sewn boxes, which helps the female creativity and promotes success for various types of containers, small and large, usable for a thousand different uses.
A book suitable for all enthusiasts, which does not require special technical skills, and provides all the instructions, step by step, along a gradual learning path, accompanied by a detailed photographic documentation.
From the very beginning as we made our first box to learn the procedure, we have been amazed by the manifold existing varieties of purposes of uses and personalisation possibilities. Indeed there is more to every single box than a mere storage function, as it acquires its own very special value and meaning by storing your tools, keeping your work, taking part into your children’s plays or warding your memories and collected emotions.
Cristina and Paola