New Release: “Per non perdere il filo”

per-non-perdere-filo-ENG_sitoNew Elisabetta Holzer’s publication

Following the success of Il manuale completo del Ricamo Estense, Elisabetta Holzer now publishes a practical and essential guide both for begginers and experts.

In Per non perdere il filo, the author gives many suggestions, explanations and solutions to realize handmade objects decorated with embroidery or lace: yarns, textiles, tools, tricks to transfer drawings and different approaches to start a new work.


Elisabetta Holzer was born in S. Candido (BZ) and she has been living in Ferrara for 40 years. In the last 15 years she has been working on promoting and divulging different embroidery techniques. In 2003 she created the association RicamArte. In 2007 she realised her dream to dedicate a local embroidery technique to Ferrara. This is how it was born Ricamo Estense.
About it, she wrote two very successfull books, in 2007 and 2014.