Francesca Ghiggini, Bologna Bella (Beautiful Bologna)


Francesca Ghiggini
Beautiful Bologna
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The book shows a gallery of drawings, full colour sketches and original photographs of jewellery made by the Aemilia Ars Society, bequeathed to the Bologna Tapestry Museum by Countess Flavia Cavazza. The Aemilia Ars, “protectorate society of arts and decorative industries”, was founded in 1898 in Bologna for the decorative and industrial arts of the Emilia Region. The society included different sectors including jewellery. Art historian Francesca Ghiggini has examined the drawings, sketches and original photographs and identified different jewel typologies such as pendants, brooches and celebratory medallions. Some of the drawings are signed by Alfonso Rubbiani, others can be attributed to him thanks to the authentication of handwritten notes.
The drawings shown in this book can also inspire exquisite laces and embroideries.

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Francesca Ghiggini