Disegni per merletti e ricami – Libri per modelli del XVI secolo (Designs for Lace and Embroidery – XVI Century Pattern Books)


Ostaus, Paganino, Vavassore, Vinciolo
Disegni per merletti e ricami
Libri di modelli del XVI secolo
(Designs for Lace and Embroidery
XVI Century  Pattern Books)
edited by Bianca Rosa Bellomo
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Between 1909 and 1910 applied art researcher Elisa Ricci curated the reprinting of five 16th century pattern books. This volume, edited by Bianca Rosa Bellomo, gathers together the five books, including two articles written by Elisa Ricci:

VINCIOLO – I singolari e nuovi disegni per lavori di biancheria is a fairly rare book, printed in 1587 and reprinted many times (this is the 1606 edition). It shows beautiful drawings for laces, suitable for many variations and Net work and Filet.

OSTAUS – La vera perfectione del disegno per punti e ricami was firstly published in 1561. Patterns can be applied to different embroidery techniques but they can also be used by goldsmiths, engravers, weavers and interior decorators too. Elisa Ricci’s descriptions of different patterns are very interesting.

PAGANINO – Il Burato: libri de Ricami is one of the most ancient embroidery pattern books. Its exact publication year is not known but it seems not to have come out before 1527. The book begins with a few blank graphed sheets, followed by counted thread embroidery designs for Net work and then for different kinds of embroidery and lace.

VAVASSORE – Opera nuova universale intitolata Corona di Ricami was probably published in 1530. Many patterns are for counted thread works, some others are for various other techniques.

VAVASSORE – Esemplario di lavori: che insegna alle donne il modo e l’ordine di lavorare was published in 1530 as a follow-up to the previous book, due to women’s demands. The exquisite drawings are for counted thread work and for Blackwork.

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