Aemilia Ars Video-manuals, Vol. 1 – Punti base, Lavette, Rosa (The Basics, Lavette Cloth, Rose)


Bianca Rosa Bellomo, Carla D'Alessandro, Luisa Monteventi
Videomanuali di Aemilia Ars, Vol.1 – Punti base, Lavette, Rosa
(Aemilia Ars Video-manuals, Vol. 1 – The Basics, Lavette Cloth, Rose)
Duration: 45 minutes
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Italian and English subtitles
lang-ita lang-eng



Production: Nuova S1 S.n.c.
Creations by: Bianca Rosa Bellomo, Carla D’Alessandro, Luisa Monteventi
Video: Michela Marella
Technique Supervision: Lorenzo Cimmino
Soundtrack: Walter Proni
Voice over: Giulia Franzaresi
Translations: Jeanine Robertson

Aemilia Ars needle lace was born in Bologna over a century ago. It looks like an aristocratic technique for a few experts, but it actually uses only three stitches: buttonhole, knotted Venetian and overcasting. This first DVD covers the basics and includes the printed patterns for a lavette cloth with a border and a rose motif.

DVD code: PAL 2

Italian and English subtitles
lang-ita lang-eng


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