Merletti e ricami italiani – Italian laces and embroideries – Forum 2005 (Italian laces and embroideries – Forum 2005)


Merletti e ricami italiani
(Italian laces and embroideries – FORUM 2005)
edited by Cristina Notore
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An amazing collection of precious laces and embroideries from all Italian regions, with a chapter dedicated to origins, describing this ancient art history. Beautifully illustrated, this book accompanies the second edition of Italia Invita: the International Forum of Lace and Embroidery, a biennial event dedicated to this important aspect of Italy’s cultural heritage, an invaluable opportunity for embroiderers and lacemakers to meet and display their precious works.

Today the decision to work with embroidery and laces arises from the makers’ desire to explore and express their own creativity through an arts and crafts tradition. Implicitly this links the practising embroiderers and lacemakers with the historical undercurrent supporting their techniques and with this knowledge comes a responsibility for safeguarding and continuing these traditions for future generations. As a contribution to understanding the past and present developments in these areas, this publication includes research into various techniques – this research forms the core topic of the Exhibition Le Origini (“Origins”) and the main theme of the 2005 Italia Invita Forum.

Italian and English text
lang-ita lang-eng


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